Droolworthy Detroit Breakfast Spots (The Best Brunch in Downtown Detroit)

This is a living page, being constantly updated as I venture out try all of Detroit's newest restaurants. Check back often!

1. Parks and Rec Diner

My Go-To Order: The Grilled Cinnafetti Roll (yes, this really exists)

Atmosphere: Parks & Rec is located in an incredible historic building that serves all of the Game of Thrones vibes. With limited seating available inside of the beautiful diner, you can devour your cinnafetti roll in peace.

Menu: View the Offerings Here

Instagram: @parksandrecdiner

2. Dime Store

My Go-To Order: General Tso's Benny  - you really can't go wrong with fried chicken AND poached eggs, can you? I've also never dined here and not ordered the nitro cold brew, but do you.

Atmosphere: Dime Store is located in the lobby of the breathtakingly gorgeous Chrysler House. Its pretty popular, so you're bound to wait for at least a few minutes. The gorgeous architecture of the 1910 building meshes incredibly well with the tantalizingly industrial interior of Dime Store. 

Menu: View the Offerings Here

Instagram: @eatdimestore

3. Avalon cafe & bakery

My Go-To Order: Okay, I'm a millennial, so I admit, I'm really into totally neglecting my financial future, so occasionally (meaning almost every day), I indulge in Avocado Toast - Avalon has some of the best. I've also been known to OD on their ridiculous Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies, so watch out.

Atmosphere: Avalon is a spacious downtown gem, exuding the unique urban renaissance that has enveloped Detroit. With ample seating for your weekend brunch crew, Avalon is definitely not one to miss. 

Menu: View the Offerings Here

Instagram: @avalon_downtown