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Thyme For Breakfast is a photo-recipe food blog written by Scott Smith. An ever growing collection of recipes, from the heirloom and seasonally inspired to the adventurous and inspiring. There is no theme here, no intentional curation, other than that which delights my eyes and tastebuds. Whether it takes me one iteration or thirty-seven, I can give you my word that the recipes illustrated here represent only the best to come out of my kitchen. These recipes are not intended to be stared at, but to be made, and shared with the ones you love. Whether you follow them meticulously, measuring every ounce of cream, or not at all, making your own adaptations, know that someone will love you all the more for it. Someone will know that you took the time to create something, for them. While those cookies you decided to make may not turn out exactly according to plan, the first time you make them, find relief in your frustration; in that the sweet whiff of brown-buttery chocolatey goodness that wafts through your kitchen may make someone else's day. So tie your hair up, pour yourself a glass of sweet relief (whether that be cold brew or cognac), and put on your favorite song, because you're an inspiration, and you're about to learn how to bake like one.

Do you work with brands?

I love to work with brands whose products or services are a good fit for Thyme for Breakfast. Shoot me an email (scott@thymeforbreakfast.com) or contact me here for my media kit and rates.

Will you do work for me/my blog?

I would love to! I do freelance food photography and recipe development all of the time. Shoot me an email (scott@thymeforbreakfast.com) or contact me here for more information.

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About scott

I am Scott, I am here now, I've escaped. That never ending rabbit hole that my previous life was, has been abandoned. Gone is my unhappiness, my discontent, my self loathing. I am here now. The most frigid of chills skyrockets down my spine when I even begin to reminisce on those days. The absence of warmth, and of love and of meaning. Life isn't meant to be lived like that.

Life is ethereally gorgeous, inexplicably unexplainable, and intensely serendipitous. I now know that my life wasn't meant to be lived, not wanting to be me, starving for a breath of compassion. I'm at home here, ready at a moment’s notice to face those adversarial tumults with which I've become ever so familiar. With whisk in hand, I'm ready to forgive, ready to accept, ready to create. The kitchen has become my diary, every page stained with the perfect caramel amber, lightened by the beautiful dust that is flour, and seasoned with fresh nutmeg.

This page is what's become of me, what's become my source of happiness, my ever-present link to the world around me. Here, we speak a common language, not one made up of phonemes and morphemes, but of eggs and butter, of cardamom and vanilla, and of buckwheat flour and maple syrup. This, is Thyme for Breakfast, a culmination of my most joyful moments, those moments where the flavor and texture of what I've created can be shared with family and friends, with neighbors and familiar faces, and most importantly, with you. Here marks the end of the absence of warmth, and the beginning of something hot, remarkably delicious, and fresh from the oven. So sit down, I've prepared you a place at the table, because it's Thyme for Breakfast.

I currently reside in Detroit, traveling frequently for a change of scenery. Check out the Lifestyle Tab (coming soon) to see where I am right now.